Green Woods is a small business whose focus is Radio Chest Packs. The company has been in business since 1978 making high-quality packs to meet the special needs of its customers. Green Woods' customer base includes radio users in both the public and private sectors.
Green Woods' radio chest pack was originally developed by active rescuers as a means to securely carry and protect a radio. The pack's design continues to evolve from suggestions made by individuals who actually use the pack. Customer feedback is important. Each pack is custom-made, not pulled from the shelf. When ordering from Green Woods, you receive the pack you want -- crafted to your specifications.
The Green Woods radio chest pack, initially used by search-and-rescue personnel, is now widely used by fire suppression crews, law enforcement officers and surveyors -- since it can also hold notebooks, maps, pencils and other small instruments. In other words, it carries more than just a radio. Anyone who carries a radio can benefit from using a Green Woods radio chest pack.


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