Features & Pricing

Standard Radio Pack
$25.00 with Cordura backing
$28.00 with mesh backing
$31.00 for 2 radios, Cordura
$33.00 for 2 radios, mesh

The Green Woods standard radio pack comes with the following features:
Rugged black mesh or Cordura back piece
Nylon straps
Cordura radio pouch
Pouch made to fit a specific model radio
Adjustable pouch to fit various radios
Pen/Pencil holders
Notebook/map pocket
Secure radio overstrap
(your choice of narrow or wide)
Available with plastic or metal buckles
Buckles placed for right or left handed use
Cordura fabric available in many colors
Customer specified Shipping at actual cost

Custom Features are available
at the following reasonable prices

Holder for a spare battery
price: $1.00 - $4.00
Penlight holder
price: $2.00
Holder for compass, altimeter, or
spare antenna
price: $1.00/each
Large marking pen holder
price: $1.00
X backstrap
price: $.50
Yellowstone upper cinch strap
price: $2.00
Bunting neck Protector
(not recommended for
fire suppression crews)
price: $.50
Reflective Tape
price: $1.00 per foot
Customer supplied emblems attached
No Charge
Other custom work
Ask for a price quote